When Is The Best Time To Prune

Deciding when to prune will depend greatly on why you will perform pruning in the first place. if you are going for light pruning or just to clean out all the dead wood then it can be performed anytime you want. If not then here are some things that you should know about pruning and the different requirement of each species of plants.

  • Winter pruning is the most common season for pruning and it is practiced by many. This is because the resulting plant with have a large and beautiful burst of growth when springtime comes and it should be performed accordingly if it the reason why you want to prune to begin with. If it is the coldest days of the winter season then it is better to wait until the temperature has warmed up a bit. There are species of plants like birches, maple and walnuts that undergo bleeding once the sap has already started to flow. This is not a cause for alarm and will stop when the leaves are out.
  • Summer pruning is done if you want the branches to grow at a very slow rate or if you want to slow down the development of a particular branch. Pruning should only be performed once the seasonal growth of the plant has been completed. Another reason why you should prune during the summer season is that it will correct any defective limbs of the tree.
  • If you are pruning to improve the flowering of the plant, remember two things: for plants that bloom during springtime, pruning should be done as soon as the flowers have faded while for plants that bloom in the middle of summer up to the late season, pruning should be done during the winter season or at the start of the spring.
  • Last thing to remember about pruning is that it should not be done during the season of fall because of the presence of decay fungi.

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