What Tourists Have To Know When Travelling To Sapa

As tourists, there will be places where you swear off you will never come back and there are those that you fell in love with and hope you can be back there as soon as possible. Sapa Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. It is a town located in the northern part of the country comprised mostly of lovely hills all around. The region where Sapa is located is also referred to as the Tonkinese Alps. The culture is overflowing in this small town because of the many different hill tribes that are residing there, the beautiful mountains, rice fields and the best view of nature. It may seem simple and ordinary but a trip there will prove why Sapa is such a hit to tourists.
The town has different shops that sell tobacco, trekking wear as well as souvenir made by the members of the hill tribe. The place also offers one of the best massages in the country. You can walk on foot while checking the town but outside the vicinity a motorbike is necessary. Here are some things tourists should know when going to Sapa:
– Visiting Sapa will give you two options when travelling, either by bus or the overnight train. The train departs from the Hanoi station going to Lao Cai station and the journey lasts for 9 hours. Once you are in Lao Cai, you will need to ride another bus or taxi to get to Sapa. The bus, on the other hand, can be booked from the hotel and will take you from Hanoi to Sapa.
– The road going to Sapa is not smooth sailing and it is common for passengers to get sick on the one-hour journey. It is important to bring a plastic bag in case someone in your group is not feeling well.
– If you plan to go trekking it is important to hire a guide.
– Sapa offers the best massages in the country but in very cheap prices.
– Do not forget to enjoy the best foods when travelling from Hanoi to Sapa.