What To Do In A Vietnam Mountain Resort?

Vietnam has so much to offer than those Vietnamese food you see in the Asian Food Channel. In fact, did you know that a part of the country, Danang, used to be a French colony? If you are lucky enough to be spending your much needed vacation in the port city of Danang, you don’t need to worry about your accommodation because Danang has more than enough hotels and beach resorts scattered along its shorelines. And you don’t have to worry about your food because each hotel or resort is equipped with its own in-house restaurant which offer authentic dining experience you will only experience in Vietnam. Now, in case you don’t know, there is actually a Vietnam mountain resort in Danang. For starters, mountain resorts are more common in countries which have winter season such as the United States and Japan. But never count the mountain resorts in Vietnam out just yet because you will be surprised if you do.

For starters, a Vietnam mountain resort is basically a resort where people stay to enjoy a nice and peaceful vacation. Aside from enjoying the comfort of a nice bed inside your room, there are other things you and your family can do whenever you find yourself vacationing in a mountain resort. Below are some of those things:

  • If you are bringing your kids along, they’ll need something to do instead of getting stuck in front of their smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, a normal mountain resort does hold yearly summer camps especially when your vacation falls during the summer season. There are activities such as ski program when winter and other educational activities to keep your young ones busy.
  • For those of you who are health conscious, some of the best mountain resorts in the world have their own in-house spas. You can have your much needed full body massage and other body treatments. Some resorts also offer relaxation activities for the mind.
  • For hungry ones, some mountain resorts have multiple restaurants lying within their vicinity so guests will have multiple choices of food. You can also enjoy nightlife for some resorts do have their own bars.