What Are Natural Skin Products

While many claims that real beauty is in the inside, it still cannot be denied that many people are turning to skin care products in order to make themselves look good. According to studies, an average person uses around 10 different skin care products on their body on a daily basis. It is important to note that our skin does not have a barrier but acts like a sponge instead. For those who are using many skin care products, they are prone to exposure to around 130 chemicals. The FDA together with these cosmetics company have assured us that these chemicals are safe for humans and is added on the product in very small doses. While this may be true, daily use will eventually add up all the chemicals that a person absorbs from these products.

It is not known today but we are not sure how the products and these chemicals will affect us in the future. Despite the regulation of the governing bodies on different cosmetic and beauty products, there are still companies that are using harmful chemicals such as Phthalates. This is used in artificial fragrances and is known to disrupt the natural hormones of the body which could lead to infertility, birth defects, and sperm damage.

If you want to avoid these chemicals, make sure that you are using organic skin care products. The key is not to trust every television ad you see showcasing lotions and various cosmetics. The key is to keep things simple by buying only your basic needs such as sunscreen, toner, cleanser and moisturizer. When you are buying skin care products, make sure that you check the labels of each one. A stamp of natural and all-natural should not be your basis because it is not considered as a regulated term in labeling.

Make sure that you avoid artificial fragrances because it contains harmful chemicals such as phthalates. If you are choosing lotion and creams, go for fragrance-free ones. Lastly, make sure that the products you buy for you Organic Skin Care Treatments have nontoxic and recyclable packaging.