What Are Illustrated Maps?

Due to the continuous evolution of technologies and methods that are used for navigation, little by little, maps are closer to becoming an obsolete in today’s kind of lifestyle. You see, the emergence of the newer and better global positioning systems or GPS, plus the fact the every smartphone nowadays has its own Google Maps, are the few of the things that are helping people travel better and, at a faster rate, too. But keep in mind that even the newest technologies that are attributed to navigation in today’s times, can fail in many ways you don’t even think it can happen because of the thought that technology is invented and improved to make our lives better. It’s always important that when you are using any sort of navigational technologies, it’s recommended that you have a back-up especially when you are travelling around a place which you are seeing for the first time in your entire life. Now, in any kind of travel regardless if it’s a leisure travel or a business trip, it’s always a good habit for any kind of traveling that you may be, that you have a map in your trusty travel backpack, like illustrated maps for instance.


To begin with, what are illustrated maps and why are they still very much useful and relevant in today’s ever-evolving times? For starters, unlike any other kinds of maps, illustrated map is first and foremost, a map that can depict a given territory with more artistic style rather than the usual and commonly-boring technical style. These are the kind of maps that is employed in amusement parks and campuses because they give park visitors a more entertaining map which can add up to the interest of the visitors who will wonder what the attractions in the maps really look like in personal. In addition to this, these are also the kind of maps that you see printed and displayed around campuses especially in the United States. These maps are generally printed in many ways such as the 3D perspective landscape or, the simple map that is brightened up with images of various things such as buildings, animals and even people.