Web Design Trends That Are Taking Over The Internet

When you decide to have a reliable perth web designer to design your website for you, it is important that you also conduct a research so that you would know what things to incorporate in your website. In the world of web design, you would see a lot of trends come and go. Web developers and designers are continuously creating and improving design trends in order to better the web. There are some trends that have lasted for quite a long time now but there are also those that fall as quickly as they had risen. Right now, there are a new set of trends that are taking over the internet by storm. Find out what they are and what they do.


Line iconography and ghost buttons have become a popular trend since Apple’s iOS 7 was released. If you don’t know what ghost buttons or line icons are, they are the transparent buttons that you see which are outlined by a thin line. The use of these two had made web design much simpler but better in terms of design and usability. Also, they complement colorful photography which adds to the appearance of the website.

Right now, you probably can expect headers and background images to slowly fall back in popularity as typography is given the primary spotlight in many websites. For a number of years, headers and background images that take up a large space in the upper area of many websites have been a popular trend, but it is more likely that you’ll see less of them now as people prefer simpler designs.


This year, it will all be about flat design and the minimization of color, shapes and typography while providing clean and effective design. This trend was created by Google and it features mainly a flat design with simple animations and little elements from the world of 3D. This would go well with the fact that people are now valuing simplicity and user experience than appearance. But do not fret; material designs are beautiful in their own cartoonish ways.