Travel Tips For Yangon

If you’re looking to stay at a Myanmar Yangon hotel for a holiday, it isn’t a bad idea to get to know a little bit about more where you’re going to go. Naturally, you’ve done your research about the place (at least I hope you did), where the hotspots are, the best food, that sort of thing you’ll want to get a good idea of what to do and what not to do when you’re there.

Here’s a few tips to help you get started.


  • Common sense dictates that you’ll want to have the local currency on your person when you’re someplace else. Most establishments can handle the bills that ATMs give when you’re going around, but you’ll still want some small bills. There’s also some saying that if your card is from a bank affiliated with the military, the ATM won’t bite. If you somehow can’t get your foreign currency exchanged, take note that they have to be in pristine condition, with no damage of any kind


  • Once you’ve gotten to your Myanmar Yangon hotel, you’ll want some way of getting around the place. Taxis are the primary option for tourists, with a 45 minute trip costing around 4000 kyat. Remember to always ask up front how much you’ll have to pay, and don’t be afraid of letting a taxi go if they’re charging too much. Speaking of hotels, ask for a business card with an address on it so you can just show it to a driver.
  • Buses are another option, but unless you’re fluent in the local tongue and can manage getting onto a moving vehicle, they can be problematic. At which point, walking is your option, which isn’t restrictive, even with all the vendors.


  • Now, obviously, you’ll have a different experience with people, but, for the most part, the people of Yangon are friendly. Now, not saying that’s not the case with other countries in the region, but the people of Yangon aren’t overdosed on tourists as the others, so don’t be surprise to have people come to you wondering what kind of help you might need. Approach with caution, not with apprehension.