Tips When Hiring A Limousine For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be very stressful with so much to prepare for before the wedding day. Fortunately we were able to hire a limousine from Limousine Royalty without any hassle. The staff was good enough to help us find the limousine that will be perfect for our wedding. We were made to pick between a black H2 Hummer limousine and a white 300c Chrysler that can seat up to 10 passengers. Make a guess on the limousine I picked for my wedding.

I actually wanted the H2 Hummer limo but unfortunately, the white model was rented earlier by another wedding couple. There were other luxury cars but I have made up my mind to ride on a white stretch limo. If you are going to book for a wedding limousine, I have some tips for you:

  • Your choice of wedding car should complement with the wedding theme. If you arrive to church riding a stretch limo, the guests will clearly know what to expect from your wedding and reception.
  • Color always plays an important role in a wedding. Many couples stick to a certain color theme that is why they make an effort to look for a wedding car that closely matches their chosen color. Most brides prefer a white limo because color the matches the wedding dress. At Perth wedding car hire, different models and colors of limousines are available but I suggest you book early because limos are now the trend for weddings as well as proms.
  • Size is another factor you have to consider in the choice for wedding car. If you plan for the bridesmaids to ride with you to the wedding, a stretch limo will be a perfect choice. Your wedding gown alone including its train will occupy almost half of the space of a standard limo.

Although the price of renting a stretch limo can be a big concern, remember that a wedding is a very special day. You owe it to yourself to satisfy some of your wishes even if may seem a little extravagant. In order to gain the best price available, shop around for limos for hire.