Tips To Choose Your Own Portable Spa

The purpose of Spas began a long time ago with the use of natural hot springs for its curative and calming powers. These days, the experience is so effective that people want to have portable spas in their home to recreate the experience at a more convenient time and place. So much so that we’ve compiled the top ten tips for consumers to consider when buying a portable spa in Sydney. These tips can also help spa retailers to engage with potential customers as they help them narrow down what they really want, and how these retailers can help them achieve it.

  • The location – This is an important aspect of purchasing your own portable spa as you would need the space for it. As a consumer, do you have the best location for it? Is it located close to an electrical outlet? Should it be visible from an internal living area which would inspire you to use it more often or should it be in a private area near your bedroom? Deciding the space is very helpful.
  • The space involved – it is important to do measure the space you intend to locate the spa before purchasing a portable spa Sydney. Is it able to fit in your chosen area with space to walk around it after it is installed? You would not want a spa in a cramped space.
  • The Seats – These days, a portable spa can be for more than one person. Usually, it caters for 3 people so it would be helpful to determine if this is for your own private use or to also cater for more people.
  • The purpose – Will your spa be used primarily for entertainment or purely for massage therapy?
  • The features of the spa – Check out the features of the portable spa like its jet distributions and determine if it will create enough bubbles and massage points for your needs. Most spa systems have jets for foot therapy, the lower back and neck for greater relaxation.
  • The colour – Ask the retailer what colours are available for the acrylic shell and the cabinet? Do they suit your décor and home colour scheme?
  • The warranty – What sort of warranty does the retailer offer? Some retailers provide a 10-year warranty on the shell with a 2 years warranty on the pumps and controllers. This is one of the key things to look for a great spa experience in the long-term.
  • The production – Check if your portable spa is made or assembled locally as this would mean that parts would be easily sourced if it is. Follow-up service and support are also easier if it is locally made.