Tips To Be An Expert Gift Wrapper

How a present was wrapped – fine edges with clean wrapping as well as bows on top – will tell the recipient how much time and effort was invested into the buying and wrapping of the gift. If your gift wrapping skill is still that of a beginner, then here are some tips to help you gift wrap like an expert:

  • Use packaging that shows off your creativity. Gifts with irregular shapes are sometimes hard to wrap because of their shape and it could give away what is inside. For small gifts like nail polish or a perfume bottle, wrap them first using a tissue paper or a bubble wrap before putting them inside the roll of an empty paper towel. Cover the roll with a wrapper and secure both ends with a ribbon. The final look will resemble that of a candy wrapper. For medium and large gifts, use empty boxes in order to hide away their size and shape.
  • Always remember to cover the tag price. It is not very good habit leaving the price tag just so they know how expensive or cheap your gift is. Do not remove entirely so they can be returned or exchange if need be but only cover them with a sticker or strike out with a colored pen.
  • If you have no wrapping paper and with no time to buy, use old newspaper or magazine pages. This has been a tried and tested method.
  • Use the right tools. Scissors and tape may be the basic and will do the job but for those who want an expert gift wrapping experience, the right tools are the key. These tools include a tape dispenser that easily pops up as well as a rotary cutter. Using both will make the gift wrapping process faster.
  • Make sure to wrap your gift on a hard surface. Do not try wrapping while on the carpet or on the floor which can sometimes be slippery. Use the table or countertop.

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