Tips For Enhancing Packaging

Paper Mart boxes are a good way to make an ecommerce business thrive in the online realm. Packaging is always important when it comes to how you’d want your product to influence your customer’s first impressions about your business. Attractive and inventive packaging is, in itself, brand promotion for your product and will determine how they will sell. Moreover, you’d also want your product to stand out by having good brand identity through innovative packaging. So, to get you started, here are a few tips:


Today, most packaging boxes are just boxes plain and simple. They may have the most attractive as far as design is concerned. But people would rather go for a box that is not simply just a box and has more purposes other than just packaging. Be creative with the box design. Several companies have done this: from popcorn boxes that turn into bowls and from the butter spread which has a lid that turns into a spreading knife.

Being minimalist has been a road taken by a lot of companies these days. Take a cue from Google’s Material Design in website design. It uses basic colors together with large texts and shadows. This approach keeps your product standout by being classy but, at the same time, clean and simple amidst the plethora of eye-catching designs of other companies.

Traditional square or rectangular boxes are common and boring. However, having boxes in different shapes will not only be uncommonly appealing to customers but it will also be more fun to open than the typical rectangular boxes. The downside to this is that some boxes of different shapes are more difficult for storage and display. This may turn-off retail vendors. So be sure to choose shapes that are manageable in terms of shelf-space and storage.

Themes can help improve the design of a product’s packaging. You can integrate here every other tip mentioned above like shapes and multipurpose designs. In one instance, an orange juice company made their juice boxes in the shape of separate orange boxes. Putting the boxes together forms a whole orange. By integrating several aspects of packaging design, you’ll be able to create a theme for your own product’s packaging.