Tips For Choosing An Office Chair

One of the most common health complaints in the modern age is lower back pain. Office work forces a considerable number of people to stay sedentary, seated at one place for 12 hours every day, sometimes more. A considerable number of instances of back pain can be traced due to bad posture and inadequate back support from bad office chairs.

Since staying seated is a requirement for a lot of work, properly designed chairs have become a necessity. So for those looking through office furniture in Auckland and searching for the right chairs, here are some tips for ensuring your comfort.

  • DO adjust your seat!
    • Sometimes you just have to, sometimes you just feel like it. Regardless, it’s important that the office chair be adjustable in height, with a mechanism like a level or something similar to allow you to make height adjustments. The key measurement to consider is how tall the average person is, a chair works best when the seated has their feet rested flatly and squarely on the ground, with some additional leg room beneath the desk for best results.
  • Rolling in the deep.
    • In order to ensure proper posture when using a chair, best to go for the chair that’sjust the right depth for your office’s needs. If the chair’s too deep, the people that sit on them will tend to slouch or lean too far back into the seat, which can lead to lower back problems. The chair’s back should be properly fitted, so that the seated can sit in the proper, upright position, with their back and spine comfortably rested against the chair’s back.
  • Appreciate the support.
    • Lumbar support as well as arm support help make a chair better for the office space. For the latter, a work chair with an adjustable back works wonders. For the former, good armrests are useful for those seeking to minimize the risk or, if already suffering from them, the pain of back problems.
  • Comfy, yeah?
    • A good chair must be able to provide good cushioning and support, without feeling like it’s bulky or over-padded. Padding also behaves differently based on weather conditions, with the most notable differences popping up between summer and winter; some chair materials simply breathe better than others.
  • Unorthodox, but effective.
    • Of course, the key thing when looking through office furniture in Auckland, is to do good research on the features of chairs to see which one works best for you. The traditional desk chair might not be the best in the end, so keep that in mind.