The History Of Television

High powered television that one is enjoying today evolved thru time through the efforts of world renowned inventors.

The early inventors of television attempted to create a mechanical television system and an electronic television system. These two unique paths marked the start of the making of television. The mechanical television systems was based on the rotating disks of Mr. Nipkow while the electronic television system was first introduced in 1907 through the collaboration of Russian scientist Boris Rosing and the English AA Campbell-Swinton.

Mechanical Television History

Paul Nipkow is a German inventor who created the rotating disk. This technology enabled pictures to be transmitted through wires. Nipkow was also the first person who ascertained the principle of scanning of the television. This all took place in the year 1884.

By early 1920s, the radiovision, a mechanical television system, was invented by Charles Jenkins.

Electronic Television History

Electronic television became possible through the cathode ray tube. This is the same tube found in modern televisions. This tube was invented in the year 1897 by Karl Braun. In the year 1927, the first television image was transmitted by Philo Farnsworth. He created the dissector tube which is still commonly used by modern day television sets.

Color and Cable Television History

The color television was long invented and dates back in the year 1904. It was first patented by a German inventor. The cable television on the other hand came in the late 1940s in Pennsylvania, USA. Before it was called cable, it was first known as the Community Antenna Television.

Modern Television

The first plasma display monitor television was introduced in 1964. Since then, the plasma television has been enhanced and improved by giant companies to suit the liking of the public.

The so called Web Television first debuted in the year 1996.

Having known the history of television, one could only appreciate the hard work, patience and ingenuity poured out by the inventors. Today, if you want to purchase a television, you can go to the nearest department store or shop online. There are online retailers of television; an example would be the TV Store Online. Their products are up to date and you will find that their services is spot on.