Steps In Making Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

The holiday season is fast approaching and the trend for ugly Christmas sweater will once again sweep the neighborhood. Ugly sweaters parties will be hold everywhere. You might not want to get left behind. You may now start going over to thrift stores to find your preferred ugly Christmas sweater. However, experience will teach you that going to thrift stores in the last minute and finding for an ugly sweater will usually get you poor results. If you have some sewing skills you can definitely make your own ugly Christmas sweater in not time. Below will be your guide.

Step One: Gather all of your stuffs. You will need of course stuffs when creating the ugly sweater. These include a sweater (aim for those that have traditional Christmas patterns and colors), a plush toy (reindeer is an excellent choice but you can also consider other animals), needle, thread, scissors, bells, kitschy decorations and battery operated LED light. You can also get yourself some inspiration and reference by researching before hand for cool and ugly designs to work with.

Step Two: Decapitate and dismember the stuffed animal. In step two, deal with the animal. Cut off its head as well as limbs. Most of the plush toys have fiber stuffed in their heads and even in their limbs which is advantageous for the sweater in that it can still be lightweight. You can explore and experiment with the positioning of the different parts of the body of the plush toys. Most will recommend that you place them on the stomach of the sweater as it works well there. Sew the limbs and head into their position.

Step Three: Sew the bells. When you have an alien-like animal protruding from your sweater, you may want to attach something to catch the ears. This is when the bells come in handy.

Step Four: Accessorize. You can stitch very cheap wreaths on the sweater. This will enhance the ugliness of the sweater. You can also accessorize it with battery powered LED light. For further reference and inspiration you may visit and take a look at the ugly sweaters sold online by