Rap Jumping And Abseiling As Exhilarating Adventure Activities In Melbourne

Who would ever have thought that adventure activities in Melbourne could get more exciting than standing in a glass box at The Edge at the Eureka Tower? Definitely not me. Very recently, I took a trip to South Melbourne to experience some of its rad rap jumping facilities and also to the Melbourne adventure hub to get some experience with abseiling. Both these adventure activities had the blood rushing through my body and my heart pumping at near maximum. The adrenaline bursts I felt whenever I jumped off the wall when rap jumping, or looking off the cliff while abseiling were incomparable.

I started off my weekend of adventure with some rock climbing and abseiling at Warrandyte, a district found a few miles north of the Melbourne Central Business District. There I found facilities for both these adventure sports. I noticed that there was another facility for abseiling at Healesville, but I chose not to go there because it didn’t include facilities for rock climbing. The best part of this adventure is that I got to experience this at my own convenience and at a very low cost. Lunch and equipment was provided along with this experience, and this entire package came in at less than 2200 for my group of 16 people.

Nest was the rap jumping. This can literally be described as jumping off the side of a large building and walking or running down its side. I preferred to walk down as I could feel the blood right up to my neck, nearly choking me. I had this amazing experience at a 7 storey building located in South Melbourne. There were options for me to do this during the daytime and during the night-time. Since I was quite busy during the day I chose to do it during the night. With only a few discernible lights in the surrounding area, and near pitch-black darkness around the 4th and 5th floor, I can honestly say I have never felt such exhilaration before. All in all, I had spent a really good weekend doing adventure activities in Melbourne at really low prices.