Protecting A Valuable Investment Through Regular Pest Control

For homeowners, the most costly and damaging pests in the home are termites because they can literally eat out the home, the furniture and the other stuff. The presence of termites in the home is considered as very damaging because once discovered the damages are already severe. The easiest and most efficient process to get rid of termites is through pest control in Sydney that is considered an expert in termite control and eradication.

There are two ways for termites to enter the home. One is by air and the other is through the ground. A dry wood termite infestation usually occurs when a colony of termites sends out their swarmers. When the swarmers find a wooden crevice in the home, they will shed their wings, carve out a nest and begin to lay out eggs to start another termite colony.

Most of the costly termite infestations are caused by subterranean termites that have underground colonies. The entry is usually through the foundation. Colonies of termites can build mud tunnels on the foundation walls to be able to access a rich source of food – the wooden structure of your home. The infestation is like cancer that quickly spreads all over the home and creates damages.

There are signs of termite infestation that homeowners must watch out for. Similar to winged ants, termites are likely to swarm around a light source. Since termites cannot keep their wings for long, watch out for discarded wings along the window sills or spider webs.

Mud tubes that are the link between the colonies and their source of food can be found on the home’s foundation. The mud tubes are composed of soil, debris and wood and acts as the protection against predators. Subterranean termites can eat through wood from the inside out. Wood may look perfect from the outside even if it is already severely infested by termites.

Homeowners should never overlook termite inspection to minimize damages to the investment. The good news is pest control in Sydney is available to deal with the threats posed by termites. Homes can be quickly devalued once buyers notice signs of termite infestation.