Piaggio Group Strengthens Presence In Asia’s Motorcycle Market

Since the Piaggio Group has successfully entered the Asian premium motorcycle market, Asians will now enjoy the opportunity to drive an Aprilia or Moto Guzzi brand. The expansion of the Asian markets is very fast that is why international brands are opening their stores to further strengthen their position and presence.

Motorcycles are quite common in the streets of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Of course, the most popular are the 100cc and 125cc Asian brands because they are reliable and parts are easily available. Almost every mechanic knows how to fix issues with Asian brands. However, there are Asians who prefer big bikes from international brands but they are discouraged by the thought that spare parts might not be easily accessible. Meanwhile, with the Piaggio Group in Thailand, the availability of parts and accessories for the premium bikes will no longer be a problem.

Another thing to consider is licensing because in countries like Vietnam, a 175cc engine requires special permit which cannot be obtained easily. The fullest potential of big motorbikes cannot be fully enjoyed because of traffic and potholes in most busy streets. Another issue with buying big bikes is the price because they certainly cost more than the common 100cc and 125cc models.

A used motorbike is certainly less expensive but it is also important to check its condition and where you buy it from. Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap used motorbike from a stranger even if you can get it for a better price. Hundreds of motorbike owners are selling their motorbikes because they want to upgrade to a new or better brand. The motorbike might just fall apart on you and the expense on repairs might not be financially feasible. If you buy a motorbike from a reliable dealer, you are guaranteed a full service before they sell it. While the cost can be higher, you are definitely assured of quality and performance.

In the United Kingdom, there is an authorized Aprilia dealer where a full range of road bikes and demonstrator bikes are available. There are parts and accessories in stock including experienced technicians to cater to your Aprilia needs.