My Relaxed And Comfortable Lifestyle In Perth

I moved to Perth three years ago because after a brief stay at our company’s branch office, I found out that I love the place, the beaches, food and of course, the weather. The people are friendly and they lead a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. One weekend, three years ago, I experienced my first sailboat ride at the marina in Mindarie and I can’t explain the thrill. The next thing I did was to search for house and land packages on the web hoping that the company will approve my request for transfer.

One thing I love with my life in Perth is the camaraderie we share at the office. We would get together every free time available for BBQ’s and some beer at one of our co-employee’s house. Next week will be my turn to host a get together and I guess, I have to go to the grocery to pick up some wine and hotdogs. The guys will be bringing along the beer. Whose turn is it to order pizza? Well, I will pick up the tab if I have to unless someone else volunteers.

This is the kind of social life I like; minimal expense but lots of fun. We certainly do not have to go to bars or restaurants because it is more comfortable sitting around and drinking beer in a patio. When I was looking at house and land packages, my specifications included a patio and this wonderful house with a patio and a garden was what I got.

Sometimes, we would go to the beach and surf on the gentle waves. However, the beaches are crowded during weekends with both locals and tourists. After all, sun and sand is what Australia is known for. It is easy to spend time at the beach even if you don’t actually buy a beach house because it is very simple to get to the beach through train or bus.

There is a lot of warm weather throughout the year but sometimes, there is wind with thunderstorms. The heat is an issue with some people but air conditioning solves the problem. Anyway, summer is usually 30 degrees with an odd week or two with 40 degrees; better than a freezing cold winter.