Live Like A Local To Enjoy Thailand At Its Best

Thailand is a famous tourist destination in Southeast Asia with its magnificent beaches, lush jungles, amazing street food, world class diving and friendly cheap accommodations. Although most visitors want to enjoy Phuket or Pattaya they prefer to stay at a 3 star hotel in Bangkok as their base. Anyway, train transportation is cheap and there are boats that go to and from the islands.

The easiest and cheapest way to enjoy Thailand is to live like a local. Take the local bus or the train, eat street food and buy beer from 7-11. It is more expensive to drink at a bar than buy beer from the ubiquitous 7-11. However, do no miss the opportunity of sampling Thailand’s local beer known as Singha Beer that is strong and malty. Drink during the happy hour where drinks can be had for half the price.

A local can survive decently for less than 7,750 baht or even less in the countryside. Do not be afraid to eat street food because it is clean and delicious. You will see that the food stalls are almost always fully packed with both locals and foreign tourists because word has gotten out that Thailand’s street food is unique and very affordable. It only costs a fraction of what you will pay on the restaurants.

Wait until you get to Thailand before you book for tours. There are lots of travel agencies in Thailand that offer tour packages from diving to trekking the jungles. You can conveniently purchase a tour package online but when you deal with the local tour agents, you can haggle for a better price. You also have more options on the kind of adventures you want to experience. It is also your choice if you do not want an arranged tour particularly in Bangkok where most tourist attractions are close to each other.

A 3 star hotel in Bangkok will allow you to experience luxurious comfort. Different amenities are provided from television with LED/LCD screen, complimentary wireless internet access, IDD telephone, Cable TV, air conditioning and manymore. You are treated like a royalty without paying a fortune for your accommodation.