Is It More Convenient To Have Two Sink Basins In The Bathroom?

Having one or two sink basins in the bathroom is a common debate between couples when remodeling the bathroom. Some couples who lead busy lifestyles would normally prefer having two basins on top of the vanity unit so that they do not have to wait while the partner is shaving. A bathroom that has two sink basins can be accessed by the couple at the same time so that nobody gets late for work.

A female will certainly prefer having two sink basins on the top of the vanity set because it means not being asked to hurry up with the makeup. Even in the best of partnerships, it can be irritating if you need to fight over who gets to use the basin first. Two basins can certainly save a relationship but remember that there are always drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

Two sink basins on the vanity set mean additional expense for plumbing. A typical sink basin measures 17 inches by 19 inches with a minimum of about 11 to 12 inches space in between to ensure that two people using the sink basins at the same time will not crowd each other. Two basin sinks will require more space and a bigger vanity and bathroom mirror.

Even if space is available, having two sink basins will eat into the counter space which can be used for makeup supplies, shaving kits and other bathroom items. However, this issue is often solved by ample storage space provided by the vanity set. In order to ensure that having two sink basins will not pose a problem, measure the dimensions of the bathroom before you shop for a prefabricated vanity set.

If you are ordering a Large Quartz Topped Vanity Unit with two basins online, make sure to check the measurements particularly if clearance is an issue between you and your partner. If you are the type of person that uses different kinds of makeup and toiletries choose a vanity set with multiple drawers. This will save your partner from frustration since everything will be kept in their proper places. No clutter, no quarrel.