How You Can Reduce The Use Of Plastic Bags

If you think about it, the average grocery store would spend about thousands of plastic bags in a single day, plastic bags that would be taken home by countless of shoppers. There are some people who take the liberty of storing plastic bags for future use but most people would not even think twice when throwing them away. Because of this, you should not be surprised when you learn that according to the Wall Street Journal, the US goes through a hundred billion plastic bags annually. Talk about an excessive amount of plastic waste.

The problem is the world is obsessed with plastic: plastic bags, plastic furniture, and even plastic people. Luckily, numerous grocery stores and supermarkets are now taking the initiative to replace plastic bags with paper bags which are less harmful to the environment. Furthermore, laws are now being passed that would ban the use of plastic bags.

Plastic bags are not only a danger to the environment; they are also a danger to every living creature on earth, including people. They also only add to the amount of waste products that humans produce.

Now, if you think you can recycle plastic, you should know that there is a negative side to this. Always remember, if you recycle any material, there will always be a waste byproduct that can’t be recycled. Nothing could ever be recycled at a 100%.

Here are some ways to reduce the use of plastic bags.

  • Whenever possible, always bring with you a paper bag when you go shopping for groceries so that you don’t have to take home the plastic bag they will be offering you.
  • Only use reusable plastic containers such as Tupperware or Pyrex when you are going to store food.
  • Decline plastic bags being offered to you by supermarkets. Instead, you can also make use of cloth grocery bags which can either be purchased or made.
  • If you use self-checkout when shopping for groceries, you can avoid having to receive a plastic bag.
  • If it is possible, return the plastic bags to the supermarkets or grocery stores you had gotten them from so they can be reused and be recycled.