How You Can Dress Properly Even When You’re On The Bigger Side

Dale and Waters offer a wide range of clothing options for plus sized women. Unfortunately, even with a variety of clothing options for you to choose from, it can still prove difficult for you to find the perfect clothes. Sometimes the search for proper clothing can lead you towards a series of mistakes but you should also know that there is a way for you to dress properly even when you are plus size.

1. Know How to Accentuate
Accentuating can mean the concealment of certain areas of your body through the use of color and pattern selection. The basics of accentuating are: Dark colors decrease while light colors highlight; large patterns can make you appear bigger while smaller patterns make you look smaller; ruffles can be used on areas that you want to emphasize; and avoid wearing horizontal stripes except when you want to emphasize your bust line.

2. Undergarments that Fit
You would have to wear undergarments that are well-fit for your body. Remember that undergarments can be considered as the foundation of the look. A good bra can effectively lift your figure and make you seem younger. It is also good for preventing backaches. It is important that you choose undergarments that fit you perfectly. If you cannot find them in a shop, try going online.

3. The Top and the Bottom should Flatter Each Other
There are either two bodily proportions that you might have: pear shaped or apple shaped. For pear shaped bodies, use well-fitted jeans as well as tailored skirt and trousers. Pear shaped bodies are all about the bottom. For apple shaped bodies, make sure to wear shaped shirts that are fitted perfectly at the waist and shoulders.


4. Accessories and Careful Matching
A great look will never be complete without accessories. Most plus sized women are better at handling larger accessories than average women. You should always know which is good for you and your look. Learn to experiment and carefully match clothes so that every clothe piece can go hand in hand with your look, ultimately helping you achieve that proper look that you have always wanted.