How to Make a Website More Responsive

If you have a website then you should know how importance it is how your site is viewed or displayed when accessed using a smartphone or a tablet. Some may be surprised at how awkward it looks without realizing that their website is now equipped with responsive design. As more and more people are using smartphone and all smartphones are able to access the internet as good as having a laptop, it comes as no surprise that more users are using their handheld devices to browse the internet and shop. According to a data from Google, the traffic caused by mobile users made up almost half or 48 per cent.

Don’t be alarmed if your website is not compatible on mobile devices as it has been found out that out of 10,000 websites who are on the top, only 18.7 per cent of them are responsive. The solution to this is simple – responsive web design. With this feature on, a website’s images and fonts are resized to fit into different screen sizes. If you are ready for your website to be mobile compatible, follow the steps:

– The best way to know, if you don’t yet, if a website is responsive is by checking using an online tool such as responsive design checker. If your website passes, then no need to worry but if it does not then it is time for some upgrade.

– Know the platform with which your website is designed around. If you don’t have a clue, use online tools such as Built With to know. Upon knowing the platform, you will be able to research on how to rectify the situation.

– If your website is done using a do-it-yourself website platform then most likely there are available themes that can be bought that are already responsive in design. With an easy tweak, you will be able to make your website look good on mobile devices.

– If it is available in your type of platform then you may also opt to buying a plug in which will enable responsive web design on your site.

If you are not sure or don’t know how to go about, hire a web designer to tweak some things for you and offer different types of web developing services.