How To Lower Costs For Chicken Wings In Bangkok

Some people just couldn’t resist chicken wings. Chicken wings in Bangkok is some of the favourite match for beer and they even make good viand for chips or rice. No matter what your preference is, chicken wings can never go wrong. In fact, most bars and restaurants offer chicken wings on their menu, especially those that offer beer and drinks to customers. While a lot of people love munching on chicken wings, it is a fact that they are offered at few pieces per serving. For chicken wings lovers, this could be disappointing and ordering a lot of servings can be costly. So how can you enjoy more chicken wings without going over your good-time budget? Here’s how.

Sign up to clubs or newsletters

One way to lower your chicken wings in Bangkok expenses is to sign up to the bar or restaurants club, e-newsletters and other similar offers. Establishments would normally offer freebies, exclusive deals and promos to customers who sign up or connect to them in various forms. If you sign up to a business establishment with branches in other countries, you can avail of their promos wherever you are so long as they have a participating branch in the area. The good thing about signing up to clubs or newsletters is that you get updated of the latest promos and deals that could cut down your chicken wings expenses.

Check for deals and promos

Another way to lower your expenses while enjoying sumptuous, crispy chicken wings is by checking for deals and promos offered by the establishment. Visit their official website and you will see exciting promos such as Happy Hour and All You Can Eat Wings at a much affordable price.

Share food with friends

You can also trim down your bill by sharing your food and chicken wings in Bangkok with your friends. Instead of having single orders, go for bigger options and tell your friends to pick a different menu and share your food with the group. This way, not only did you enjoy food variation, you also get to split the bill among your friends.