How To Handle Difficult Self-Storage Customers

Self storage Leeds can be a difficult business if you have customers who are not willing to cooperate with you. Everyone is familiar with the common saying, “The customer is always right,” but how far can this saying go? Customers often abuse their rights as they know that they hold significant power over employees who are entitled to give them the best customer service. Add in also the fact that they will be handing over their stuff in your company’s care for a period of time.

So if you own a self-storage business or is an employee of one, you should know that the customer IS definitely always right, business-wise. But when they are being difficult to negotiate with, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it.

Here are some ways to help you out in handling difficult self-storage customers.


The first thing to do is to always keep calm and learn how to breathe effectively. It is understandable for a customer to be difficult if their belongings are involved. If you want to resolve the problem as soon as possible then you must always be calm.

You should always control your emotions and never let anything the customer might say affect you. Instead, think of ways on how you can win his or her approval and trust. You should also know how to listen to a customer because it is your job to hear them out. When it is your turn to speak, always be respectful and choose your words very carefully. Not only that, you would also need to watch your tone and your intonation. You may say the right words but your tone says otherwise, this would lead to another issue.

Your body language can also affect the situation. Avoid crossing your arms. Just let them drop and always muster a smile so that you send out a friendly vibe to the customer. If your voice, your words, and your body are all geared towards fixing the solution, you will see that you may experience better results much sooner. Never ever give the customer another reason to dislike.