How To Choose The Right Stand Up Paddle Boards For Beginners

If you have developed an interest in standup paddle boarding or SUP boarding, then you would definitely want to buy your own standup paddle boards. However, you should know that you should take some time to think about the SUP board you want to buy because it is important that you choose one that would complement you.

First of all, when choosing a SUP board, you should first determine what type of board you wish to buy. You can actually choose between two types of boards: Fun and Fitness or Touring and Racing.

Most beginners would fall into the fun and fitness category and what happens here are mostly leisure outings and fitness sessions. Most of the time, you’ll be on flat water while you can also catch some small to medium-sized waves. When it comes to the board, you should prioritize stability and maneuverability. Meanwhile, with touring and racing you will cover long distances and will be reaching high speeds. This means you have to have a lot of skills before you can move onto this category and should prioritize speed and efficiency in the water when choosing a board.

When choosing SUP boards, you would have to consider a few important things:

  • HULL TYPE. The hull, or body, determines how a board will perform on water. There are two types of hulls.
    • Planing Hull. This board is flat and wide and is good for people who want one board to do it all.
    • Displacement Hull. This one has a pointed nose and is good paddling long distances and even racing.
  • Indicates the ability of the board to float with weight. The higher the volume, the more weight it can support.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY. This is important because if you’re too heavy for a board, it would be difficult to paddle because it will ride lower on the water.
    • Short boards (less than 9’). This board is perfect for surfing and beginners as they are easier to maneuver.
    • Medium boards (9’ to 12’). This board is perfect for all around use.
    • Long boards (12’6 or 14’). Provides faster speed and thus is perfect for racing or touring.
  • This determines stability.
    • Wide boards (31” or wider). They are more stable and are easier to stand on but provide less speed.
    • Narrow boards (29” to 30”). Narrow SUP boards are faster but less stable.

It is also important to know what variation of fin you would like and the accessories you would need.