How To Choose An Ideal Vanity Unit For A Small Bathroom

The inadequate space of small bathrooms makes it very challenging to decorate. Storage also becomes one of the main problems because a double vanity unit won’t just fit in. With space at a premium in smaller bathrooms, it is important to take into account the type of vanity you choose. While there is certainly no right or wrong choices when it comes to vanities, there are certain features and aesthetics that may be right for your small bathroom.

The most common style of vanities is the classic cabinet-style. It usually has a solid shape that can take up space but the built-in drawers and concealed compartments provide the badly needed storage space. However, when you choose this type of vanity, make sure that it fits and will not overwhelm the small space.

If the preference is stock or semi-custom cabinets, make sure it is designed according to the space available and your storage needs. Another option is vanity cabinets that have been designed as legged furniture to complement the open design that is visually appealing for smaller bathrooms.

The freestanding sink usually provides the small bathroom with some visual relief including the physical advantage of giving an extra leg room to move around. However, pedestal sinks do not have any storage space which has to be considered elsewhere in your bathroom design. The console sink strikes a balance between the cabinet-style vanity and pedestal sink by featuring an open shelf on the lower half of the vanity unit.

Another option is the wall-mounted vanity that allows an open space beneath the sink and the floor. The floating design provides the bathroom with an airy ambiance with the opportunity to add some storage containers on the floor. Vanities that are attached to the wall are the ideal example of a contemporary design for a small bathroom.

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