How I Shopped For Bathroom Furniture

When I was shopping for bathroom furniture, I never realized that were literally hundreds of options from the traditional, conventional and ultra-modern. While I had lots of fun choosing vanities and cabinets that will complement with my bathroom, I made the first serious mistake; I forgot to measure the space and I had to drive back home in a hurry. I did not want to end up knocking down a wall and enlarging my bathroom because I only wanted to spruce up the space a bit with new Bathroom Furniture.

I will share you the story how I ended up with this solid oak bathroom vanity with matching slim single cupboard unit. Knowing the amount of space in your bathroom will help in making a choice for the right Bathroom Furniture. The bathroom is generally the smallest room in the home which makes space as the most important consideration. I chose the oak vanity because it was large enough to contain clutter. Clutter here means an unlimited assortment of cosmetics, hair grooming products and personal care products I can’t live without.

The slim solid oak cupboard is adequate enough to hold the daily bathing essentials. Having a cupboard inside the bathroom makes better sense than a cabinet under the sink. When there is a cupboard, things can be put away neatly and it saves me from a cluttered counter top. On the other hand, the dark finish of the oak vanity and slim cupboard provides the bathroom with a dramatic ambiance.

Why oak? Oak has always been used in homes because it has that timeless appeal that never goes out of style. Besides that, oak furniture is affordable. Whether oak is stained or not, it has that pleasing appearance that goes well with any bathroom design. The exceptional durability of oak means I won’t be looking for another vanity in the near future. Additionally, oak is moisture resistant and its clear finish will help in resisting scratches, stains and marks. There is also a wide range of oak furniture to choose from not only for the bathroom but for other rooms in the home.