How Hua Hin Captured My Heart With Its Charm

Booking a flight and accommodation in the Hotels in Hua Hin was surprisingly easy. Hua Hin provides accommodation options in all levels.

It was actually suggested by a friend who enjoyed Hua Hin in September to take the bus ride to the city, but since there were lots of minivans plying the route to Hua Hin, I decided to hop on one on my way to the beach. The journey to Hua HIn was less than 3 hours even with the brief rest stop because it looks like there are no speed limits. I just slept off the discomfort and fear.

The Hotels in Hua Hin was a lot better than I expected. Everything on the hotel room was beautiful and the view from the terrace was simply overwhelming. I was fortunate enough to be given a room with a balcony overlooking the resort. The hotel room was spacious, clean, organized and very modern. The hotel pool looked awesome but unfortunately, I do not swim. Perhaps, I would give the pool a try tomorrow but only to sunbathe and acquire a lovely tan.

First impressions really count and Hua HIn has this special charm that seems traditional. It is so unlike the crowded Bangkok and the beaches of Phuket that was always teeming with lots of tourists. According to the friendly staff, Hua Hin is starting to see a lot of visitors particularly during summer because of the royal endorsement. It seems like the royal family of Thailand is fond of Hua Hin as their holiday getaway.

Hua Hin is not as developed as other famous beaches of Thailand that is why it has retained its charm. From what I have seen during the brief trip from the drop off to the hotel, the central town is free from high rise buildings except of course for some Hotels in Hua Hin. The winding roads have a variety of shops, restaurants and different establishments. Later, I would stroll around to find a restaurant that serves traditional Thai cuisine. According to friends who have experienced Thai food, it is overwhelming delicious and very affordable. I will be writing about Thai food on my next blog.