Hosting A My Little Pony Fun-Filled Party

So your little girl loves to dress up in My Little Pony costumes. No problem with that. In fact, why not join in on your daughter’s fun? The My Little Pony franchise has become exceptionally popular with little girls nowadays and there are probably more girls out there who share the same love for the franchise as your little girl does.

Since you love your daughter with all your heart, why not throw a My Little Pony party for her? This could definitely fit well with birthdays and other important occasions for your daughter.

Hosting a My Little Pony party can be very easy.

The first thing you would need to do is to create invitations for the party. Invitations are easy to prepare. You can either opt to do the invitations yourself but this would take a lot of time so it is better if you hire someone to do it.
Once you have sent out the invitations, it’s time to focus on the theme. Since this is going to be a My Little Pony-themed party, you should make everything about it. You can make use of multicolored plates if you go for a Rainbow Dash motif. Everything should be colorful. Drinks should be colorful as well and most especially the confetti. Make sure that there is an overabundance of My Little Ponies in the party.

Once are done with all this, it’s time to think of the food. Rainbows are common in the franchise so why not have rainbow-colored cakes, cupcakes and sweets? You can also put up a lollipop station where children can enjoy delicious My Little Pony-inspired lollipops.


Fill the venue with lots and lots of balloons. Kids love balloons. You can put up a face painting booth or even hire real live ponies for the kids to ride and enjoy.

You should also know that no party can ever be complete without giveaways. You can handout lolly bags filled with MLP goodies.

Everything should be carefully planned out. Make sure every kid and patron is enjoying the party. Remember, parties are meant to be enjoyed. More importantly, don’t forget to inform the guests to wear My Little Pony costumes.