Guide In Planning A Japan Ski Trip

If you have always dreamt of finding the deepest and softest powder of snow for a snowboarding experience, Japan is the answer. The tales about the country’s magical snow is not merely a legend but something you could actually experience. Here are some tips when planning your dream Japan Ski trip.

  • For one day, it is recommended to hire a guide. If you have been used to skiing in North America then Japan is another story. Their ski resorts are a challenge to navigate because there are fewer signs and not to mention the gate system they have – it is sensible but for someone who is not used to it, it could take a lot of time. Hiring a guide for a day will make sure that you learn whatever there is to know about the Japanese resort and this will also help you find untracked powder on your very first day. Make sure that you have vetted you guide, ask if they have liability insurance with them and if they are experienced in the mountains where you are planning to ski.
  • While you are on your way to contacting a guide services, make sure to ask about the rooms you are planning to book as well as lift tickets. This is because not all accommodations speak English especially those located in small towns.
  • Make sure you have enough cash with you. Establishments that receive credit cards are far and few and most prefer by cash. Upon arriving at the airport, make sure that you withdraw enough cash because ATMs are hard to find too.
  • If you don’t have an international drivers license then cross out renting a car from your list. Bus is the most common mode of transportation and it is the busiest to so it is best to book online before the travel.
  • If you are looking for your daily dose of coffee then Japan might surprise you with their canned coffees labeled hot. They are indeed hot. It is a new experience and is different from the usual coffee cups.

If you want to save money from your trip, make sure that you book ahead of time and look for Japan Ski Packages in order to get an accommodation along with an itinerary for skiing.