Generate An Extra Smile Through Personalized Gifts

There are people who are obsessed about seeing their names or initials on various items. By taking that extra step to personalize a gift, a simple monogrammed trinket can become a lovely keepsake. The possibilities for personalized gifts are endless but I am definitely sure that it will generate an extra smile from the recipient.

You can easily create a unique gift without spending too much. Here are few good ideas on personalized home gifts that your family or friends will appreciate.

  1. Monogrammed soap bottles – there are empty bottles you can buy from the Dollar store to be filled up with liquid soap or hand sanitizer. Scrape off the labels so that there will be room for a computerized monogram on the front of the bottle. Monograms are completely customizable and you can use it for birthday gifts, home décor or for thanksgiving.
  2. Monogrammed pillow covers – pillow covers are ideal gifts particularly if you give it a new life through monograms. Personalized pillows are cheap homemade gifts that will be treasured if you embroider it with the initials of the recipient.
  3. Monogrammed tea towels – are ideal for hostess gifts. To achieve a hand painted monogrammed tea towel, center a stencil on top of the towel, hold it firmly and apply two coatings of washable fabric paint using a paint brush. Remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry for at least 3 hours.
  4. Personalized vintage t-shirts – is a unique gift you can give your siblings or friends. If you want a personalized design for the t-shirt, use a personal illustration of drawing that will look good. It is also important to consider color contrast and how certain ink colors will look against a lighter colored or darker colored t-shirt. Sometimes, colors can look great on the computer but they may appear dull when painted.

Monogrammed home gifts are bound to be received with much enthusiasm. Design possibilities are endless but make sure to use the right fonts that will complement the overall design. If you are feeling adventurous, try using your own creative designs.