Furniture Removal Tips

Moving to a new home can be a stressful thing; there’s a lot of packing, lifting, scheduling and carrying to be done. The farther the move, the more stressful the process. Now, regardless of how far the move is, the next street, another suburb, a totally new state, a little help is well-appreciated. Sometimes, some friendly assistance will suffice.

But, sometimes, a friend coming along to help may not suffice, and professional assistance may be needed.  Now, you might be considering hiring a furniture removalist in Sydney to help you move to Melbourne, and that’s a wise move, but it never hurts to get some extra advice on how to get moving for less trouble.

  • Pack everything. If you don’t want to spend your time before your move floundering about your house trying to figure out what to do, pack everything ahead of time. Packing takes much more time than most people think. Pack rooms one at a time, giving yourself plenty of time to thoroughly ensure that every room has been properly packed, saving yourself the confusion of rushing as you pack your stuff.
  • Safety first!!Do whatever you can to ensure your stuff is well-prepared for the trip. Whilst businesses do offer protection methods for your fragile valuables, it never hurts to take steps to ensure your breakables make it to your new home.
  • Get organized!! Ensure that when you pack, any boxes are filled properly with objects that are properly categorized. Bathroom items should go together, etc. Remember to sort out a priority carton or two, which contains the most essential items you may need when moving; things like medication, remotes, keys, etc. If it’s important to the point where you need to find it in a pinch, put it in a separate box with objects of equal import. It’ll save you the trouble of having to go through several other containers looking for them.
  • Interstate? Making a move from one state to another is a big move, covering a lot of distance and requiring quite a bit of time. For smaller moves, calling a friend is a good choice, but for really big, long distance ones, it’s time to call the experts. For example, moving from Sydney to Gold Coast? It’s in your best interest to find a furniture removalist in Sydney that can help you.