Custom T-Shirts Design Tips

Custom t-shirts are the rave these days because it can convey whatever message you want to reach the audience. Designing is very easy nowadays because of the technology that is readily available. There are templates that can be used in designs and online sites where you can design your own shirt. A custom t-shirt is a way to express yourself in a more creative manner and at the same time showcase your talent in designing.

Many of the custom shirts are used as promotional merchandise and worn by models on photoshoots.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when designing custom t-shirt:

– Convey the message and the idea through the design. A cool shirt is great but designs with clear messages appeal to most people. A good design should be easily understood by an audience without taking much time into staring into the art and the doodles. Remember, sometimes the simplest looks the most beautiful.

– Do not use too much color. Color is good but too much of anything can be a bad thing. T-shirt design is not an exception to the rule. Limit the amount of color used depending on the color of the material. Less is more.

– Keep is short. You might be brimming with ideas with what to put in you design but remember that the audience will not have enough time to read everything. A sentence would be enough. Don’t try putting an entire poem and expect everyone to read it.

– Watch what you write. Nowadays, whatever is posted in the internet can go viral in just a short time. Though you may be free to express what you think and what you feel into the design but offensive words and images are not great ideas especially for something that will be worn in public.

– Check for any copyright issues. Don’t use words, phrases, lyrics or sentences that have legal copyrights. Though you may have designed something for personal use, it would still be trouble if you use materials and images that have clear copy rights. If you can, ask permission from the owner before using in your designs.