Creatively Using Tulle

If you want your decoration to have a feel of a new dimension, a sense of wonder and romance, decorate with the use of tulle. The stiff netting definitely remains a favorite material among fashion couture and designers, tutus and wedding attire. Tulle is also capable of adding drama to your room. If you plan to decorate for a wedding or holiday, tulle can heighten the mystical feeling in almost any kind of setting.

Wedding Reception

Tulle can add romantic softness to ceilings and walls. You can actually highlight a blank wall with the use of two layers of tulle which extends from the ceiling to the floor. You will also need enough panels which will be placed on either side in order to cover your wall. Lightly staple and gather the top edge with the use of wide tulle panels where the ceiling will meet the wall. Also, cut the bottom edges with the use of scissors to its desired strength. In order to provide soft illumination to the room, you can hang strings of twinkle lights behind the tulle.


For girl’s bedroom, you can use the tulle material when decorating the room and transform it into a young princess quarter. Gather panels of purple or pink tulle with a sewn pocket on a curtain rod and then mount it atop the wall behind the headboard. After, add strips of multicolored twinkling lights behind the tulle material so you will create a fairy-like focal point in the room. In order to create a canopy, you may suspend a horizontal rod above the center of your bed. To add a further feminine touch to the tulle and your other decorations, you can glue in silk blossoms or satin ribbons on the tulle at random areas.

Christmas Decoration

Tulle can add a lavish touch to your decorations during Christmas. You can embellish your Christmas trees with tulle ribbons. You may also weave tulle ribbon on your pine garlands or swags.

Indeed, there are different uses for your favorite Paper Mart tulle. You can be inventive and creative with the use of such material.