Couple And Their Truck: Touring Americas

The couple decided to try traveling using only their truck after they have checked on online blogs that details about the different travel adventures of authors just by sleeping at the back of their very own vehicles. Richard and Ashley Giordano decided to try touring Costa Rica first.

Initially, they wanted to tour Costa Rica through backpacking but after reading experiences of other people, they got inspiration and decided to buy their own Toyota pickup truck and they call it Little Red. After buying, they sent it for shipment to Costa Rica.

On the month of October on 2013, the couple sold all the things that they own and they rented out the condo unit they have. They left their respective jobs and started touring the rugged part of America which is the South and they did it while living in their pickup truck.

Ashley shared that they are both full time workers inside the office and they felt that their works are burning them out. That is when they decided to have to get and be able to do something they love.

Richard admitted that after seven months of touring, they ran out of money. During this time, they left Little Red in storage in Costa Rica and then went back to BC in order to get their finances in order within one year and they left once more.

Richard and Ashley have the desire to further explore to the most southern part and after the one year they went back to BC, they flew once more to go back to Costa Rica. They picked their truck back from storage and then they resumed touring South America for another year where they were also able to travel in the west coast side starting from Andes down to Patagonia.

This decision was fueled by the fact that the couple had already visited 15 foreign countries but they have never fully toured the entire America. Once they were done with their South America Tour, the couple went back to Ashley’s parents’ house on October 5. The two recorded their entire travel in their couple blog.