Consumer Tips For Funeral Planning

A funeral is a very expensive thing to manage, and it, like many other decisions throughout our lives, need to be made with a clear, rational mindset. A lot of people, however, including some funeral directors in Perth, have noticed that people tend to make decisions regarding this tough time in very emotional states.

Josh Slocum, an executive director of Vermont’s Funeral Consumers Alliance, once made a statement on the matter. Bluntly, he said that the amount someone spends doesn’t make their loved ones any less dead; it won’t bring them back. Nor is the amount you spend a measure of how much you love them.

A little harsh, but true. A funeral is still something you spend money on, so it’s important to get the most value for them. Here are some tips for those looking for the best deals in honouring the duly departed.

  • Consumer rights. You have them. It varies from country to country, but the gist of the matter is, the funeral service provider is required by law to provide information.Australia’s Fair Trading Regulation 2012, requires funeral directors in Perth and anywhere else in Australia to provide consumers with the cost of a contract. For NSW inhabitants, that right is provided by the Funeral Funds Act. The Australian Funeral Directors Association has a Code of Conduct for all funeral directors to follow, located at their website. A little research can do wonders for decision making.
  • Avoid emotional overspending. Remember, a funeral service is something you’re paying for, and when you’re paying for something, you want to get the most out of it. So, for the sake of a funeral, you need to not only keep in mind what the budget is, but also take into account what the wishes of the deceased might be. There are also certain laws that require certain steps as part of the funeral Knowing what these are can be helpful in keeping your budget from going six feet under.
  • Houston, we have a problem.What if things go wrong then? Well, under the Australian Consumer Law, suppliers are legally obligated to provide certain services with the due care. If those aren’t met, consumers have a right to ask for refunds or other compensation. If you can’tresolve an issue with a funeral director directly, the government has support lines that cover these things. If you’re in NSW, the place to go is Fair Trading, if you’re in Perth or anywhere else in WA, it’s the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety you should turn to.