Choosing Between Traditional Framed Prints And Split Canvas Prints

The choice between split canvas prints and framed prints depends on your personal taste and preferences, available budget, interior design and the location where you want to place the photograph. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses which can certainly affect the selection process.

The traditional process of displaying a favorite photograph is to print it on paper. Afterwards, it is placed on a frame and hanged as a decorative accent to the home or office. Framed prints have a traditional appeal and can create a dramatic element on the wall. Black and white prints which are making a comeback look best on fiber-based paper.

One of the drawbacks of framed prints is glare and reflection from light. The frames used must be chosen carefully to complement with the rest of the décor in the home or office. Larger frames for printed photographs can be very heavy and expensive.

On the other hand, split canvas prints are great options for wall décor. Recently, technology has introduced inkjet printers and new formulations of canvas to allow greater consistency and quality in the images. A single photograph can be split across multiple canvasses of varying sizes to look their best in large sized walls. Once an image has been chosen, the way it is split can be chosen before applying the appropriate effects. After the image has been printed, canvas is double coated with protection against UV rays and dust.

It is easier and more cost effective to create large images from 40” to 100” without adding too much weight. A frameless presentation looks more pleasing because it creates a window into a scene. Split canvas prints can be installed in semi-humid environments like restrooms. The absence of a frame makes the image look good with any type of interior design or décor. You can easily create a dramatic ambience with frameless split canvas prints without the need for any specialized lighting.

While some photographs look best on smooth photographic paper, an image printed on canvas looks more unique. However, it is still your preference and taste that matters particularly if you are not worried about costs, glare and light reflections.