Choosing Between A Poster Or A Multiple Panel Canvas Print

When it comes to choosing a material that can be used to display your photographs, the choice is usually between paper and canvas. Paper has always been a traditional material used for printing images; canvas is fairly recent even if it is popular material for artistic work. It is difficult to decide on what material is more desirable because both have their share of pros and cons.

When you want to achieve a poster-like art print, the typical material used is paper that is later on mounted on a frame. There are many different frames available in the market which can be used to effectively display a printed photograph and make it the focal point of design. With quality printing, a poster can make even the smallest details visible. However, the cost of large frames can be substantial depending on how large the print will be. Since frames usually include glass to protect the image, there is often glare or light reflection created.

Printing on canvas is fairly recent but it is a more effective approach to display a favorite image. When the image is printed in canvas, it can be framed in several different ways that will enhance its aesthetic appeal.

  • Gallery wrap – is considered as more sophisticated approach to create high end wall décor. After the image has been printed on canvas, the material is stretched and wrapped on a 1.5” wooden stretcher frame and secured at the back with wire. This method allows a frameless presentation of your favorite photograph.
  • Multi-panel canvas prints – allows you have to have a printed photograph across multiple canvas panels. The multiple panel canvas layouts can be a perfect display above the headboard or mantle. The canvas panels can come in sets of two, three, four or five depending on your preferences.

Displaying Wall Art Prints can add an aesthetic appeal to any room. You can choose from your collection of images whether it is a family portrait or a work of art that you want to add color and character to your living room. A collage on canvas can be created using all your favorite photographs.