Choosing A Tyre Based On Speed Rating

Every brand of tyre is available through Gold Coast Tyres. The most saleable are the all-season tyres because it is cheaper than buying tyres specific to every season. All-season tyres can deliver a well rounded performance but they are never considered outstanding because they offer dismal snow traction during winter. In contrast, winter tyres are known for outstanding performance when it comes to snow traction and fair braking ability on cleared roads.

Retail websites like Gold Coast Tyres usually provide a listing on the tyres available in different sizes. However, it makes sense to dig deeper so as to match the speed rating. Speed ratings of tyres demonstrate their capability to sustain a particular speed. Tyre manufacturers arrive at a certain speed rating after laboratory testing that includes simulated speed and loads.

All-season tyres are available in S and T-speed ratings while high performance all-season tyres come in H and V-speed ratings. High performance all-season tyres can be found on many new cars particularly those that appeal to enthusiasts. They usually have better cornering grip than the S and T-speed rating of all-season tyres, however, they may not last as long as expected.

ZR, W and Y-speed ratings can be found on ultra-high performance all-season and summer tyres. These types of tyres are ideal for sports cars and performance sedans. Meanwhile, all-season and all-terrain truck tyres are available in large sizes because they are going to be used for hauling and towing duties. All-terrain tyres are also used for off-roading because of their more aggressive tyre patterns necessary for off-road traction.

Based on research, consumers usually choose OEM tyres for replacement of tyres on new cars but as the car ages; they switch to a different brand because of performance and price. However, this is not a serious issue as long as the speed ratings remain the same.

A consumer can be successful in finding the perfect tyres from most online retailers like Gold Coast Tyres that ensure consistent quality, price and professionalism. The aftermarket is source of good deals. You will be surprised at the wide range of tyres available in different brands that will exactly match your requirements.