Change Your Brown Eyes To Blue With $5,000

With the development in laser vision correction Belfast, it is not shocking that there are improvements every year which is applied by eye clinics in Belfast and all over the world. Along with these new improvements is the latest discovery which could impact the field of eye surgery. The latest treatment developed was able to successfully turn the color of the eyes and this was done in Latin America. The procedure though proven a success is not yet available and legal in the United States.

Stroma Medical, a company based in California, has been developing a laser procedure for many years now. This publicized procedure is said to be able to change people’s brown eyes into the color blue. In theory, every individual that possesses brown eyes and desires to change their irises’ tint into blue may be able to do so. The surgery is not the same as the methods used when changing other physical attributes such as the nose. The company Stroma Medical is now claiming that they have tested the treatment and 37 of which are successful. This was done in patients from two countries, Costa Rica and Mexico. According to the company, it would cost a person $5,000 if he or she desires to undergo the procedure. This would only be possible in the States if the agency in charge for medical safety would give the procedure a go inside the country making it legal.

According to Gregg Homer, the chairman of Stroma Medical, the changing of the color is achieved by distributing the pigment which is present in the surface of the brown iris though in very thin layer. Homer explained further that in every brown eye, under the layer is a hidden blue eye. The pigment must be removed in order for the stroma to receive some light. As soon as the light scatters, only the ones with the shortest wavelength are able to travel back and blue is located at that spectrum.

The treatment is said to be over in 20 minutes but the result will not be seen immediately. The human body requires a few weeks in order to let go of the pigmented tissue and when it does, the eyes turns to blue.