Build Your Team In A Fun Way!

A good performance deserves to be rewarded. At home, school, or work, a job well done is a good reason to give a good token of appreciation. The workplace is a common ground for rewards and commendations especially if an employee or a team of employees have done an exemplary job.

Team building activities are done at home (if you have a big, happy family), school, or at the workplace. This is to foster cooperation and a good relationship between team members. It is also a form of reward for the group that made or did an excellent job on the task at hand.

There are some activities that are considered to be part of the top. Here are some examples of team building activities.


Game Shows

Game shows are popular team building activity. This is when the game format is patterned from a famous game show such as The Price is Right, Family Feud, or Singing Bee.

This can be done indoors or outdoors, what you need to make it more fun is a good setup and an engaging host. This can last up to a couple of hours.


Graffiti Art

Turn on the team’s artistic sides by giving them the time to create their own art. The theme may be anything and everything but it usually is relevant to the company’s vision and mission or goals. No artistic requirements required.

This may be done indoors or outdoors as long as you have ample space and can allow paint drops all around. This usually takes 2 hours or so to create that perfect art.


Bubble Soccer

Bump your way to winning in this fun game. Enclosed in a plastic bubble with only your legs free so you can run, go and bump your opponents out of the game.

Open fields are recommended but there are indoor sports arenas in Australia where you can enjoy this game as well.

Lip Dub Game


No singing talent? No problem. Still, your team can enjoy this game and share it on YouTube! This will mean continuously shooting a music vid while the team lip syncs to the song being played.

The key for this game is ensuring that the video done is seamless from start to finish without cuts. Add great costume for the music video and you’re good to go.