Boiler Protocols When You Hear Strange Noises From Your Boiler

The loud banging sound and knocking noises of a boiler can be a bit scary. But this calls for no worries as you only need to call for help. It may sound as if the central heating system is about to explode but these kinds of boiler problems are nothing dangerous. What you should think is how it can provide you the right temperature especially when it’s cold in winter. This will need you to make some adjustments, or contact a licensed technician for repair. Here are boiler protocols to follow just in case you have a noisy boiler:

  • Never panic: The banging of your boiler is usually triggered by the rapid expansion and contraction of its internal mechanisms. So take time to gather relevant information and calmly check the potential causes of such problems.


  • Find the manual that came with the boiler: The manual is helpful as it determines the model and make, the type of device it is, and whether it is still covered by warranties for possible repairs. You may still have some documents from the supplier confirming when it was purchased. Or it may be covered by insurance. If the boiler is new, you are still covered under warranty so you can contract the helpline number and seek a boiler repair cover.


  • If you suspect the real cause of the knocking sounds of the boiler, you can utilize the manual to DIY. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, it may be advisable to contract a licensed technician to do the inspection. It may need to clear out sludge, debris or lime scales which will need power flushing. There are also other problems, which only a technician can troubleshoot, especially that they know the boiler protocols of your unit.


  • To keep away future problems with your boiler, it may be wiser to have it regularly serviced for good maintenance. Those who are renting their property are required by law to have the central heating system checked annually. If you are a homeowner, it may be best to follow boiler protocols to stay safe and avoid issues with the boiler such as leaks and breakdowns.