Bareboat Sailing Holiday – An Experience Everyone Should Try

My Bareboat Sailing Holiday experience is something will not be forgotten in this lifetime. My only wish is to be able to book again for a 6-day sailing holiday next year. I am sharing here with you my personal insights on how to gain the best experience of your life. The more you know about the bareboat charter process, the smoother will be the arrangements for your Bareboat Sailing Holiday.

Make sure that you both sailing skills and experience even if you have hired a crew because there are routes that can be challenging. Sailing is only a portion of your holiday because there are beach bars, restaurants and water activities that can make the holiday more fun. Since every single moment of your holiday is precious time, make sure that you are fresh and acclimated for the first charter day.

It makes sense to plan for the date of your holiday because there are seasons when the rates are astronomical because of the good number of people looking for boats to charter. Rates can be a lot lower during offseason but it is also the season for hurricanes. Not unless you are prepared to face strong winds and unfavorable weather, a better option is to charter a boat during summer when the weather is more favorable.

One of the first decisions that I had to make was choosing the appropriate size of the boat for the family. Their comfort is first on the list of requirements because it will be very difficult to predict whether we will be meeting some challenges on the route. I also had to consider some of the more important amenities like a generator, air conditioning, TV and protection from the elements.

Cost is not a very significant factor because I have saved more than enough for this holiday. If you are planning a holiday on a limited budget, remember that you get what you pay for. There are standard costs that I had to pay for like insurance, security deposit, sales tax, cruising tax, permits and fuel along with the fees for the crew. It also makes sense to prepare for for meals, beverages and excursions ashore.