Artwork Using Old Windows

There are many new ways wherein one will be able to do in order to fuel their creativity. There is unlimited number of home projects you can do. If you want to remodel your house or add something new to your current rooms, hanging artworks is one of them. Photos can be placed in picture frames to be hanged or artworks made on canvases are also a good choice but if you have an old window frame that is lying around in your storage, don’t you know you can make something unique out of it? Old windows can be used as picture frames especially the ones that are divided into a number of blocks. You can place photos as well as insert a personalised word art in some squares.

The first thing you need to do is to tape the glass part windows to prevent paint from contacting this area. After which you can do sanding to make sure there are no grime left and the surface will have a very smooth finish before painting it. Once that is done, painting can begin. A single coating will be enough to make it look brand new again.

Once you are done, you can start digging through old photos that you want to hang or you can print new ones from your phone or computer. You can also a lot two squares to be used for personalised word art. You can do this by using a photo editing software in your computer such as an Adobe Photoshop. Choose a beautiful landscape you have taken during a vacation or a photo of you and your loved ones and use it as a background. Set the right tone and exposure to make sure that it will blend well in the background without overshadowing the texts that will be added later on.

Once you have the right background or if you choose to have a plain one, you can insert the texts. It should be your favorite quote or your partner’s. Once you are done, print it out and cut it into the right size. You can place them on the window frame squares along with the photographs and, lo and behold, you have a new personalised word art with photos hanging on your wall.