Application Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Are you dying to have a long curly hair but is still sporting a very short hair? No need to fuss, you can make use of hair extensions.

You can opt for hair clip extensions if you want a hassle free method. Here are the steps on how to do it:

– First, you need to purchase wefts of hair. A weft of hair refers to a row of hair which is clipped in between the layers of your hair to add length to it. You can either buy a synthetic or human hair. Ensure that you match the hair extension color with your hair’s color. You also have to get the right length of hair. Although you would want the hair extensions to be longer than your natural hair, it is advised that you avoid adding a dramatic amount of hair since this will take away the natural look of your hair. It will obviously look fake and will cost you much.

– Next, divide your hair into different sections. This is simple to do. You can pull all of your hair on top of your head and make a ponytail and leave a section to be clipped. As you add more of the extensions, you will let more hair down.

– Tease your hair. Try to rat your hair in its roots and take a back-comb. You would want that you hair will gain an inch thick in volume in its base. When you tease your hair, you will give the hair extensions something to hold on to. The natural hair tends to be very slippery for the clips and will eventually slide down to the strands.

– Get one weft and then clip this in the hair at its roots. Ensure that you have evenly spaced out the extensions. You can give your hair the effect of layers by staggering the clipped extensions. You can cut or trim your extension in order to match your natural hair.

– Finish the hair style. The clip in extensions should be very well blended so that it cannot be seen at the roots of your hair locks.