All About And My Little Pony Pajama

If you are a fan of the famous My Little Pony animated television series, then you probably are familiar with The products retailed by are inspired by My Little Pony. The pajama above is one of the unique products the company thought of, my little pony pajama.

History of Brony

Where was the term Brony coined from? It is actually a combination of two words: bro and pony. Brony is usually the term given to the male fans of the My Little Pony show. is inspired by the My Little Pony series.

My Little Pony debuted in 1986 in American television. This animated series was produced by Marvel and Sunbow productions. The series was based on the toys created by Hasbro. The story is set in Ponyland which is a land that is full of magical and mystical creatures. The Little Ponies are the main characters and they live a peaceful life often with songs and games. However, the lives of the little ponies are often challenged by the bad creatures that also live in Ponyland. There are trolls, goblins and witches that cohabit with them. The little ponies are always challenged by these creatures and they always fight for their survival and dominion in the magical land.

The television series was given a new life and look in October 2010 by Lauren Faust. She gave a different vibe for the series. Previously, the onlookers of the show are mostly female since the conversations, cast and setting were over girly. Lauren Faust turned the franchise into something that anyone could instantly connect with, whether you are male, female, kid or adult.

Cool facts about of Brony

Interestingly, around 4 out of 5 brony fans are male with an average age of 21 years old. The number of Bronies in the United States has continuously risen through the years. What is even more notable is the growing number of fans that the franchise has globally.

The products is a licensed distributor of Little Pony products. They are famous for my little pony toys that it retails. Growing attraction to the market is also the apparel products. My little pony pajamas is among the varied products of The comfortable wear with great design has been in demand among the customers and online shoppers of