Aesthetic Solar Shield On Your Windows For Privacy

A better option to curtains and blinds is privacy window film in Sydney that will provide the much needed privacy for homes and offices. Solar controlling window films are also a cost-effective solution to boost energy efficiency because it acts as a solar shield. When a solar film is applied to the windows, it will block up to 80% of the sun’s heat.

Many homeowners are not convinced with the benefits gained from privacy window films because of lack of awareness, misconceptions and the additional investment they have to make. Many windows manufacturers warn their clients that the installation of window films will void the warranty of the windows. If the film is badly applied on the window, bubbles can be created.

In spite of the misconceptions, many homeowners and offices prefer to have window film applied on their windows to cut down on their utility costs. According to Donna Wells, a California-based consultant, a window film provides at least 30% to 40% saving on energy used. Since the cost of privacy window film is $6 to $14 per square foot, it is still cheaper than window replacement. Solar films are the best option when a homeowner wants to protect furniture from fading without any effect to the interior’s environment. Solar films can block 99% of UV light that enters a room without looking dark or reflective.

The biggest challenge right now for privacy window films is providing the right information to consumers so that they will understand that they are dealing with a useful and efficient product. The film which requires professional installation to be effective is available in various levels of opacity, from clear to black.

Another option is custom designed window films that look wallpaper. Aside from providing a room with more privacy, it can also enhance style and aesthetics. Households that complain about glare from the Safternoon sun on their TV and personal computer have the option of privacy window film in Sydney to cut heat and glare by 80%. For offices, the privacy film can be used in office partitions, boardrooms, front entry doors and of course, the windows.