Many of the most significant moments in history have been captured by the cameras and preserved for the consumption of the next generation. Photographs certainly matter because they remind us of people, events, places and specific moments in time. We at Chozma Photos aim to provide you a venue where you can share your precious photographs and stories behind those unforgettable moments. If you have been lucky enough to take photographs that matters, that inspires and shows a perspective that cannot be explained in words, share it with our audience and let us make a team effort to expose it to world.

Make your photographs more meaningful through chozma-photo.com. You are invited to create beautiful photo narratives that will be shared with a global audience. Your blog will help in establishing your own personal brand. You can get your own voice out there through the narrative that goes with your images. Take the time to make great posts and share how you enjoyed getting those photographs and how you loved the experiences.
Our site is different from having a Twitter account or Facebook page but we definitely support each other. When you post a new blog, make sure to tweet your audience about it. Set up your Facebook page so that your blogs can be automatically imported. Your blog should not show every photograph you have taken but the very best images. Our aim here is not get to make our viewers overwhelmed.

Once you have decided to join our community, you need to determine who you are blogging for. Never miss this step and don’t forget that you must have a target audience that can be composed of family and friends. Your photographs will keep them updated and your narratives will matter a lot. If you are blogging for clients then you must consider them every time you post anything.

If you are going to start a blog, make it consistent although it is often one of the hardest things to do. Consistency will show your audience that you are serious. Get started now. If you have any questions, click on our FAQ page or send us an email.

Suzanne Cassano

Suzanne R Cassano

Editor Chozma Photos