A Brief Guide For First-Time Visitors To Pattaya

Pattaya is a vibrant coastal city and one of the popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Pattaya’s beaches are always brimming with activity from sunrise to sunset. During the day, you will find sun worshipers spreading their towels in the sand and water sport lovers in the beaches but at night the action moves to the streets.

If this is your first time to visit Pattaya make sure that you do not commit a mistake when choosing your hotel. Pattaya is not really a huge city on the scale of Bangkok but one end of the town is different from the other end. The southern end of the city has gained a reputation as a lively and fun party destination with its assortment of nightclubs and bars. Anyone who loves to party will certainly prefer to stay in a hotel in the area.

At the opposite side which is the northern end, the ambiance is generally family-friendly. While night life also exists, it is significantly tamer with quiet roads and fun water parks. The atmosphere is generally relaxed with good shopping, fine restaurants, museums and temples. One of the major attractions is the floating market where you can buy some ethnic products like wooden sculptures, textiles, paper handicrafts, Thai silks and handmade bags.

However, the small floating kitchens are still the most popular among tourists. With skills and experience gained from years of retailing in boats, vendors can cook, navigate and serve small meals all at once. In spite of the presence of restaurants, cafes and bistros, tourists continue to flock to the floating kitchens because the unique experience it offers.

There is wide range of accommodations available in Pattaya from 3-star, 4-star and 5-star resorts to budget guesthouses. You can choose your accommodations depending on whether you want peace and quiet after dark or the sounds of revelry that goes on all night.

A hotel near Pattaya beach allows business travellers some leisure time during their visit. Leisure travellers can enjoy all the different activities that Pattaya offers from beaches, fun, sun and drinks. Guests will gain a unique experience with the modern room designs and comfortable furnishings.